V Invest, Praha, 24. 4. 2019
The two will jointly create an idea lab to test possible approaches to energy self-sufficiency and resource effectiveness of future development projects

V Invest has become the first development company in the Czech Republic to start actively exploring energy self-sufficiency options for its projects. That is why it has partnered with Czech Self-Sufficient House, a visionary project that has received multiple national and international awards for its activities aimed at promoting energy self-sufficiency and fostering implementation of new, cleaner technologies. V Invest is going to assign a part of one of its projects as an idea lab where a team of its own and Czech Self-Sufficient House researchers will seek the most effective and efficient ways to implement energy self-sufficiency approaches on scale in larger development projects. V Invest will also delegate a member to the jury of this year’s Czech Self-Sufficient House Award, a unique student competition, and will participate in drawing up the competition rules for next year.